When do you do most of your shooting/filming?

We like to get out at dusk. We find that the footage looks better and the eeriness around that time is more intense.


Are you a big production company?

No! We are small and very independent!


Are you hiring staff or film people to help you?

At this time no, but we are always looking for volunteers and hands to come on board and be a part of a fun team.


Have you ever seen “real ghosts”?

That depends what you call “real”? Are ghosts real? Over the years, some members of our team have “seen” things out of the ordinary, “felt things”, “sensed things”, and we did capture orbs on film.


Do you ever go on the road to other areas?

Eventually, our goal will be to get out of the Niagara Region and film in other areas.


Can people/businesses advertise on your site?

Absolutely! We will give you the best “ghostly” deal around!


Can anyone share a ghost story on your site? Will you post it?

We will have a “ghostly” message board for you to share your stories as well as you can e-mail them to us.

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