“Welcome to the current cast of Niagara’s Most Haunted. This is our team which helps bring you what you see. We are thankful for the many volunteers who continually help as we go along. Niagara’s Most Haunted is broadcasted via TVCogeco on Channel 10, and in stunning HD on Channel 700.”


Peter Andrew Sacco (Co-Creator and Host of Niagara’s Most Haunted)

Peter is an established author/novelist and screenwriter. He also lectures across North America.You can learn more about his work at Peter resides in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Frank Bertuola (Co-creator of Niagara’s Most Haunted)

Frank is a successful actor and screenwriter who studied film in California.  Frank is featured in each episode doing what he does best, bringing you a paranormal experience as “Fearless Frank”. You can find Frank on Facebook. Frank resides in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Daniel Rodrique (Co-Host of Niagara’s Most Haunted)

Daniel is a successful TV show host and producer (the acclaimed TV series The Veterans and the TV show Haunted Niagara). You can find Daniel in episodes of Niagara’s Most Haunted bringing you hit wit, charm and knowledge.  Daniel resides in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Stan Mallow (Psychic Investigator)

Stan is Niagara’s Most Haunted paranormal investigator. Transplanted from the big city of New York, Stan now resides in the Niagara region where he hosts his TV series Paranormal, along with being a renown psychic. You can learn more about Stan at


Susan is a medium and psychic investigator. Her gift goes back generations in her family! Susan joined the cast of Niagara’s Most Haunted in Season 3.


Torena is a gifted artist and set designer who joined the cast of Niagara’s Most Haunted in Season 3 as well as helps behind the scenes with the shows annual fundraisers and decor for parties.



Erica Benedikty (Producer/Director/Editor Television)

Erica is a very talented producer and director for the current TV series Niagara’s Most Haunted. She has given her special touch to make the show as spooky as possible. While always on the lookout for the Gatekeeper, Erica puts the entire show together through the process of editing.

Nicholas Hatlevik (Director of Photography/Post Production/Special Effects Television)

From the perspective of the camera, Nick brings the story to life visually. He finds the images that bring the story to life and captures its meaning in a memorable way. Whether it’s climbing down a waterfall, walking the plank of a pirate ship, or being stuck in an attic (literally), NIck gives you the point of view for the show.


Niagara’s Most Haunted would not be successful without our many volunteers who continually help us and support us. A special thanks to:

  • Julie Russell
  • Logan Huffman
  • Quinn Russell
  • Rodney Sherwood
  • Jessie Ann Gavel
  • Jim Williams
  • Debbie Williams
  • Eva Fortuna
  • Aaron Willick
  • MacKenzie Rowe
  • Jessica Rowe
  • Stan Mallow
  • Ray Faucher
  • Linda White
  • Barry Smith
  • Steve Bartley
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